Marketing is constantly evolving. Are you?

To achieve growth, brands need to attract new customers, but reaching them today is harder and more complex than ever before.

People move effortlessly between online and offline channels, multiple platforms and different devices creating fragmented journeys brands can struggle to keep up with.

Not sure where to start? We’ll lead the way.

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Human attention is a precious resource.

In a world of endless choice, every marketing strategy is competing for that elusive, yet crucial connection — and securing a moment of genuine attention from potential customers is more difficult than ever before.

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Balancing the long and short of it

Brand marketing lays the foundations for tomorrow’s demand, but a need for instant impact means most brands focus on short-term tactics over long-term growth. How do you create a healthy balance? 


Experience Wins.

With endless choices, customers move freely and fluidly in search of a solution. Brands need to stay visible at key moments and create a smooth buying experience when the time comes.

Although it may seem complicated, to consumers this just feels like normal shopping.

Say hello to Performance Branding.

An integrated marketing framework from Hallam created to meet the demands of modern marketing.

We unify the emotional power of branding with the precision of performance marketing to ensure every customer interaction is part of a connected brand experience – wherever they find you.

Performance branding links together strategy, creative, media planning and measurement into a unified activity that delivers on business outcomes.

The goal is to reduce the gap between a buying trigger and a purchase by remaining constant throughout the customer journey.

Curious? We’d love to tell you more.

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Constant Presence.

Modern marketing demands a modern approach.

We create a constant and consistent brand experience that meets your customers wherever they are on their journey. Right place, right time, right message.

The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

The heart buys, and the mind justifies.

Your brand is your omnipresent core, and it makes you immediately recognisable. We distil the essence of your brand, and deliver it with consistency and accuracy throughout the customer journey.

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Effortless Experience

With each customer touchpoint connected and interdependent, our activity moves people seamlessly through their journey – making it easy to buy when the moment is right.

Seeing is believing.

Our approach is proven to deliver results, grow revenue and increase profit for our clients.

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of our clients see an uplift in performance

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increase in conversions by 60% in the first 12 months

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we tripled revenue for our ecommerce clients on average